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Back by popular demand, it’s a social-distancing safari! For the second year in a row, you can experience Safari Lake Geneva’s game reserves from the comfort of your own vehicle! Enhance your interaction with these amazing animals by purchasing a bucket of grain to feed them from your window. Plus, you can drive through the reserves as many times as you like – because the animals are free to choose where they wish to be, every time through is a unique adventure! Explore Wisconsin’s original safari adventure and you’ll soon discover why this is the place everyone is talking about! Schedule your safari tours in Lake Geneva, WI today!



  • (AGE 16 AND OLDER)


  • (AGE 3-15)




  • 48 oz.


What kinds of animals will I see?2021-10-12T13:58:55-05:00

Refer to the Animals & Conservation page for the most up-to-date list of the animals you might spot on your safari!

How long should I plan to spend on safari?2021-10-12T13:59:22-05:00

The Drive-through Safari Adventure allows you to drive your own vehicle through our game reserves as many times as you like — so how long you visit with the animals is up to you! Your reservation guarantees entry to the park, and is valid for the entire day. The average guest is here 1.5 to 2 hours.

How do I book an adventure?2021-10-12T13:59:52-05:00

Visitation is currently by online reservation only. You can book online on the Tickets & Gift Cards page. The online reservation calendar indicates in real-time the number of spaces remaining for any given Drive-through Adventure time-slot.

Can I add additional people to my booking?2021-10-12T14:00:13-05:00

Yes! As long as the total number of vehicles in your reservation does not change, you can pay for additional people when you arrive for your safari.

When should I arrive?2021-10-12T14:00:33-05:00

Your booking for the Drive-through Safari Adventure guarantees you entry to Safari Lake Geneva for your reserved date. In order to reduce traffic congestion, you can arrive up to one hour before or one hour after your reserved time-slot, and stay until the safari park closes.

Do you have an admission price per vehicle?2021-10-12T14:00:55-05:00

All of our admission rates are per person, not per vehicle.

Do you have any vehicle restrictions?2021-10-12T14:01:15-05:00

Since you are sharing the same space with our animals, on gravel roads, we do not allow motorcycles, vehicles with an undercarriage lower than a standard sedan, open-top convertibles, vehicles without doors/roofs, or minivans with open doors. Only windows may be opened when in the game reserves. We do allow soft-top Jeeps and convertibles, but the tops must be closed. We do not allow guests to sit in the back of an open-bed truck.

Can I feed the animals?2021-10-12T14:01:51-05:00

Our animals receive a specialty grain that is formulated to our exact specifications. This grain is available for purchase online or at the safari park. Guests are expressly forbidden from feeding our animals anything else. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dependent on prevailing conditions, you may have the option of feeding giraffes on your adventure. Doing so helps save wild giraffes in Africa. Inquire about this opportunity at the ticket booth when you embark on your expedition.

What is your policy with respect to inclement weather?2021-10-12T14:02:25-05:00

We are open rain or shine, and the animals don’t seem to mind the rain — but we do leave it up to the guests if they would like to reschedule due to weather. If you have an existing reservation and would like to re-book to an alternate date, just let us know and we can issue a gift card that can be used to book for any future available date. Re-bookings are accomplished by email only, at

Can I bring my dog?2021-10-12T14:02:46-05:00

Dogs are permitted on safari as long as they remain within the vehicle with the windows up for the duration of your visit. Barking dogs can scare our animals and are not permitted.

Do you have restrooms available?2021-10-12T14:03:08-05:00

Yes! Our on-site restrooms are open and are sanitized frequently.

Where is Safari Lake Geneva located?2021-10-12T14:03:34-05:00

Our property is located roughly 5 miles southeast of downtown Lake Geneva in the village of Bloomfield. The physical address is W1612 Litchfield Rd., and the city is often listed as Lake Geneva or Genoa City if you’re using a GPS.

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?2021-10-12T14:04:00-05:00

We will gladly refund any booking if you notify us by email, at, at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled arrival. You will receive an automated reply once your email is submitted, which serves as your guarantee that we received your request. If requests are received less than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled arrival, tickets are non-refundable but transferable to an alternate date. If you have an existing reservation and would like to re-book to an alternate date, just let us know and we can issue a gift card that can be used to book for any future available date. Re-bookings are accomplished by email only, at

Do you have a waiting list?2021-10-12T14:04:22-05:00

Unfortunately our reservation system does not allow for a waiting list. However, when we do get cancellations they appear on the website as availabilities. So it doesn’t hurt to keep checking the website if your preferred date is sold out!

Do you have a restaurant on site?2021-10-12T14:04:39-05:00

We do not have a restaurant, but our staff would be happy to recommend some local restaurants for you!

Where can I find information on employment opportunities at Safari Lake Geneva?2021-10-12T14:05:22-05:00

Any current openings will be posted on our website on the CONTACT page.


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